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Permanent Makeup

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-12 SESSIONS $800



Permanent Makeup

One Session + one touch up session
(3-4 weeks after initial session)

One Session + one touch up session (6-10 weeks after initial session)

Subsequent touch-ups $50

One Session + one touch up session
(10-12weeks after initial session)

Subsequent touch-ups $100


Single Lobe $20
Pair of Lobes $40
Tragus $30
Conch $30
Daith/Rook $30
Eyebrow (Single) $35
Nose $25
Valley $35

*Surcharges for the difference in cost may apply to higher priced jewelry. There are many styles to choose from.

**Anatomy varies from person to person and not everyone can be recommended for all sizes/styles of jewelry. We will help find the best style for you. Final sizes and styles are at the discretion of the piercer based on what will heal the best for you.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Piercings require advanced appointments.


Eyebrow $15
Lips $10
Chin $10
Hairline $15
Full Face $45

BODY (Pairs)
Underarms $18
Full Arms $35
Half Arms $25
Full Legs $60
Half Legs $35

Eyebrows (5 sessions) $50
Eyebrows (10 sessions) $90
Hairline (5 sessions) $50
Hairline (10 sessions) $90
Lips (5 sessions) $40
Lips (10 sessions) $80
Full Face (5 sessions) $200
Full Face (10 sessions) $380

Neck $15
Shoulder $15
Underarms $20
Back or Torso Half/Full $50/$80
Arms Half/Full $40/$60
Feet $10

Change your image with 3-D Natural eyebrows!
Sometimes, hair-like strokes make your eyebrows look unnatural – especially as color starts to fade away. They can look messy and have a broken, unfinished look to them.

At Cleopatra, we use Tami’s 3-D Semi-Permanent Makeup. It not only looks good as soon as it is put on, but even as the color fades, your eyebrows will still look naturally beautiful. It will also stay on much longer than using hair strokes.

Utilizing Tami’s 3D Semi-Permanent Makeup, we individually customize the color and procedure that each person needs.

3D Semi-Permanent Makeup Time Touch Up Reovery Time
1 Hour 30 Min. 2-4 Weeks Later Immediate


Individual hairs are layered on the skin

Save time – no more drawing on your eyebrows

No more uneven brows

No more smeared eyebrows

Look great all the time

Semi-Permanent after care:

After the semi/permanent make-up procedure, it is natural for swelling to occur.

Colors may appear darker immediately following the procedure. Pigments usually scab after 3-5 days. DO NOT pick, rub, or cleansethe area with soap or cleanser for one week. Allow the scab to flake off naturally. As the healing progresses, colors will soften to its true color. We recommend lightly rinsing your face and showering with low pressure water.

No water on brows for one week to ensure the hairstroke lines stay as thin as possible. Water, sweat, and oil on hairstroke lines can blur/spread lines out.

It is normal for colors to fade up to 60% the first week. Complimentary touch up is recommended only after 3 weeks and no longer than 4weeks.
Q: How long is the appointment?

A: About 1,5 hours with most of the time spent going over colors and drawing in shapes. Q: Will you draw in the shapes first?

A: Yes, I won’t start on you until you agree with the color selected and shape. Q: Can I workout?

A: No, not for at least one week.

Q: Can l wear makeup after?

A: Not on the brows for at least one week.

Q: Is the second appointment necessary?

A: I highly recommend it.

Fact: These Eyebrow Tattoo’s Last 3 months — 2 year

Depending on where you get them done and how your skin behaves, your brows should last anywhere between 3 months to 1 year. This new semi-permenant alternative is created by tattooing on the superficial layer of your skin and not so deep so that it will fade over time as you skin exfoliates.

Fact: 3D stands for the fact that each strand of hair is drawn on individually which makes it appear more natural

The old style of eyebrow tattoo’s involve a block of colour to mimic how brows are filled in with makeup. Often the colours that were used were black to match black hair which faded to a green or bluish tinted colour. Then brown was used to look more natural. Now they’ve got it right, by drawing in each eyebrow hair eyebrow tattoo’s look incredibly natural, not like the blocks of eyebrows you might see on aunties.

There are 2 styles of 3D brow, one is machine drawn and one is hand drawn. Machine drawn is more uniform as it’s done by a machine and usually more parallel and cleaner. Hand drawn usually is less predictable which makes it look more natural, it also means its more dependent on the experience of your artist.

Fact: They save you so much time each morning and you can swim with beautiful brows

The great thing about these tattoo’s brows is that you no longer need to fill in your brows every morning, and if you’re like me this is great because I end up with different brows every day! Also if you live in a humid climate and sweat a lot you no longer have to worry about your brows sweating away.

Fact: It takes about 2 hours to have your brows tattoo’d on

The whole process was incredibly easy, and not that painful. Depending on your pain threshold and the numbing cream applied it should just feel like a gentle scratching.
The 3D Eyebrow Tattoo Process

Arrive with no makeup on

It’s important to remove your makeup before the process, however if you have an eyebrow shape in mind you normally wear, it may be a good idea to wear it to your appointment to show your tattooist how you would like them done. I arrived with none because I would prefer her artistic opinion. It’s completely up to you.

Choose your eyebrow design and eyebrow colour

Although it’s not a permanent commiment you will still live with this eyebrow shape and colour for up to a year. Think about choosing a shape that compliments your current makeup looks the most and that you’d be happy to wear ongoing. Remember you can always draw more eyebrow on with makeup, but you can’t conceal it as easily. When you can’t decide always just fill in your natural shape and then use makeup to change the thickness and shapes later.

Also in terms of colour, choose the lightest possible shade that would go with your planned hair colours. Also think about the tone whether your hair is warm toned or cool toned. You can usually choose between warm browns and ash toned browns so think about this too before you head to your appointment.

Apply numbing cream in the area

You will thank whoever invented numbing cream that it has made this process bearable, you will need to leave this miracle cream on for about 15-20 minutes and your tattooist will provide relaxing music for you normally, otherwise bring something you can listen to or do while you lie there with it on

Remove numbing cream and start tattooing

This is usually the longest process and will involve the design of your brows, remember that if it starts to get too uncomfortable for you, just speak up and more numbing cream will be applied. This is probably better then you flinching and squirming around and having the artist make a mistake because you’re moving too much. Don’t be a hero Speak up if it’s painful! For me it felt like a scratching sensation.

Apply ointment in the area for the next 7 days — don’t touch!

The area will be pinkish from the process and the most important thing is to prevent scabbing and infections. Remember to apply the ointment your provided religiously (3 times a day) and keep the area moist to prevent scabbing. I was also provided an anti-bacterial ointment for the first 3 days so that the area won’t get infection, because this is still an open wound we’re talking about and not to be taken lightly. Resist the urge to touch it and scratch it and you will be required not to get it wet for a week.

Go to your touch up session

A good tattooist will always include a touch up session to your package because how the design will fade from your skin is never predictable and it’s always better to under tattoo and fix it up in the second session than to over tattoo and have to wait up to a year for the mistake to fade. Ask for the price of both sessions so you know the total cost.

Fact: It will fade over the course of the next few weeks! Don’t panic

Immediately the eyebrow will look much darker than it is intended to so don’t freak out! Also don’t book any major events for the week after as you’ll have ointment on your brows and even though they won’t look bad, just a bit darker, you will have shiny brows which is usually not a good look.
Apply on a small dosage of ointment 2 times a day.

If necessary, an appointment for a retouch can be scheduled at 3-4 weeks after the initial procedure at no extra charge.

Do not soak treated area in a hot tub or swimming pool for ten days.

WARNING: Chlorine, exfoliation creams, and exposure to the sun will cause colors to fade. Failure to follow post-procedure instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration or infection.

Touchup appointments will be subject to the availability of the technician’s schedule. Please select the best appointment time for your touchup as availability is highly limited. Technicians can not guarantee a rescheduled appointment to meet the complimentary touchup 3-4 week timeframe.

If a rescheduled appointment does not meet the complimentary time frame, touch up fees will apply. 3-4 weeks after initial session first touchups: complimentary

6-10 weeks after initial session first touchups: $50

10-12 weeks after initial session first touchup : $100

2nd touchup within 3 months of initial session: $100

Prices are subject to change without notice.



No other person is allowed to be in the room during this service.

If you normally fill in your brows, please fill in brows prior to coming in. If possible, no foundation on skin. To avoid excessive bleeding, please avoid blood thinners:

Do not consume alcoholic beverages the night before

No caffeine the day of procedure

Please refrain consuming pain relievers/killers unless directed by your physician.

Fish oils are blood thinners, if possible avoid unless directed by your physician.

Avoid working out before procedure.


Q: How long will they last?

A: Depends on the individual’s skin, activities etc. Generally lasts for 2 years but sometimes clients refreshen as soon as 1 year.

Q: Does it hurt? Will you numb me?

A: We get mix reviews on pain. You may experience discomfort the first pass, but we will numb you again once the skin is open. You won’t feel much after.

Q: How long does it take to heal? Will I be able to go to work?

A: Healing period is one week. As long as you’re good at following aftercare instructions, there shouldn’t be a problem going to work or being out in public.